Blaadyblah ([personal profile] blaadyblah) wrote2009-06-27 05:43 am


I don't have anywhere near enough time to do all the things I'd like and that includes writing explanatory notes for people who accidentally stumble across stuff I've put on t'internet so if you want to know anything not covered here, ask. If I feel like telling you, I will... the worst you'll get if I don't is a slap. My journal is for the most part restricted, a public posting does not equate permission to reproduce content. If that rattles your chain, get a grip - we're probably not each other's sort of people anyway.

If you need to get some money to me for postage, tickets etc, I prefer paypal... If you owe me money from way back, please call in person so I can break your legs.

One other thing...

The internet is an even less appropriate babysitter than a television. If you're shocked and appalled at something your child has seen here I suggest slapping yourself repeatedly in the face with a brick for failing in your responsibility to adequately supervise your progeny's internet usage.

If you really feel that I should do more to help, just let me know. I will happily provide the brick.